Smart Energy Analytic Disaggregation System

Collect and Monitor the Energy of all of your Appliances

Smart Energy Analytic Disaggregation System (SEADS), sponsored by CITRIS (Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society), provides capabilities not found in other energy monitoring products. The goal of the SEADS is to design and build smart sensors powered by intelligent software capable of collecting and disaggregating information regarding energy usage from individual appliances in real time. SEADS advanced algorithm optimizes the cost of managing microgrids. SEADS aims at providing an efficient control platform for microgrids based on information available though various sensors.

What are we working on?


Distributed Generation and storage creates a significant amount of variability in the system. Without a responsive and dynamic system, a microgrid would not be able to function efficiently. The goal of SEADS is providing a dynamic and intelligent real-time control for managing various Distributed Generation.

Cost Optimization

When thinking about the adoption of the microgrids by the mass market, major consideration should be focused on cost optimization for generation and storage such that consumer can benefit from this adoption of such systems. Cost optimization should be done automatically therefore reducing hassles that consumers have to go though.


Designing cost effective equipments including software and hardware needed for disaggregation of electricity usage and efficiently control a microgrid.

Who Are We?

    • Ali Adabi
    • Graduate Student Lead
    • Nikita Sokolnikov
    • Backed Development & Machine Learning Development

Past Contributors

    • Pavlo Manovi
    • Lead Hardware Engineer
    • Bryan Smith
    • Lead Backend Development & Lead Frontend Web Development
    • Henry Crute
    • Backend Development & Web Development & Firmware Development
    • Michael Sit
    • Backend Development & Firmware Development